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 Gaara Moves

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PostSubject: Gaara Moves   Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:56 pm

Most of them are useless and the one that does decent damage fails most of the time i just hoping maybe to change how the old moves work or add new ones.

For the old moves ideas
Like suna shuriken maybe instead of lauching 1 sand shuriken make it 3 title and shoot large amount of shuriken like nds quincy rain arrow

Kyuu and sousou i wish you can make it to not fail that all i am asking
and that it i guess scratch
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PostSubject: Moves   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:36 pm

These are moves are for Gaara clan, you can go with my idea or yours. Just want them added.

Daisan no Me - The Third Eye
An hidden eye that you can see thru and move it around , but your actually body stays still

Sabaku Rou - Desert Prison
it be more round shape and upgrade of Sabaku Kyuu

Suna Shigure - Sand Shower
shoots out sand multiple times (3 title)

Suna Raishin - Sand Lightning Needles
absorbs lighting attacking and whenever the person uses the move again the damage is sent back to the attacker

Sabaku Taisou - Desert Imperial Funeral
Summons a big area sand, and who ever in the sand beside users takes damage
The end

The multiples for the moves are up to you
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Gaara Moves
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