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PostSubject: Introductions   Tue May 05, 2009 7:32 am

Well I am the "owner" and I have been known by many names on byond, Keidai is just one of said names. I also tend to go by Byakko and Ryouken on occasions. Anyways I'll be glad to hear anyone's opinion on stuff to add to the game, and with in reason it will be added. Unlike other games with a dictator type owner, I will consult my staff regularly. If they become unrulely, I will fix it, if a bug comes out in the codes, I will fix it, If anything is needed and needs to be fixed, I will fix it.(sometimes not personally) whomever reads this consider this a mission statement, This game is here to entertain you, not for me and my staff's greedy need for a false sense of power. I will not tolerate any abuse from gamers and gm's alike, however I can be friendly, do not mistake my kindness as weakness. I should have a game that isn't totally sucky up and running in a few weeks, that is if Newby gets to work on the maps after im done fixing the bugged jutsu's that had plagued Nlof. (I coded for them, and was co-owner so before you go out saying this is a rip of a rip, you can go shove it where the sun doesn't shine). There will be a new map and dumbed downed clans. I plan on having good clans with more moves, than alot of clans with a few moves. Quality > Quantity right? anyways I'll check the forums if you have any questions about jobs or being a mod, or w/e your little heart desires to ask.

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